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I frequently get obsessed with subjects. I also enjoy helping people. Sometimes the things I obsess about turn out to be helpful. When I discover something specially valuable, I feel an urge to share it with people. That's when I write a book. I hope it may help others as much as it helped me.

Latest books

News-Worth CreationGolden Walrus
Marketing is the price you pay for being unremarkable. So ask yourself: is your product relevant enough to be on the news? The answer to this question must always be YES. Life is too short to develop a product that is not remarkable.Creating a company as a student is a great challenge, and it is the perfect time to do it. The pages that you are going to read next are a guide for you to create and lead an entrepreneurial team at your university.
Building VenturesMore to come
Entrepreneurs need corporations and comportations need entrepreneurs. Together they are more capable of innovating than separately. Venture builders serve, first of all, to channel the resources and experience of experts, experienced teams and established companies, and make them available to entrepreneurs, who have the real capacity to innovate and make creative decisions.TBD