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I am Taig Mac Carthy.
You are a person who can learn anything in 123 minutes.

You don't think that's possible? Then get your ass outta my website and log into a Harvard thing or whatever.

Super quick, on point courses on a variety of topics.

There is just one teacher. The topics are all over the place but the courses themselves are awesome.

All courses cost €3.21

Because paying is important.

Courses take 123 min

Because life is short, man.

I really like sloths

Because they are awesome.

I like learning things

Like, a lot.

Can you learn in 123?

Hell yeah you can.

It’s all in videos

Obviously. You’ll get also access to templates and resources, but the main thing are the video tutorials.

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Learning by doing

No lectures here. Theory is important sometimes, so there’s some of it – but it’s mostly action.

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Sometimes I get too exited

And there's nothing wrong with that.


You tend to exaggerate how cool things are. Sometimes is like I live with a toddler“.

– My wife <3

Brands that trust us

No brand trusts us. And there's no us, it's only me.

Best selling courses

These are some of the top selling courses published by the masters, the industry leaders of the world.
Taig Mac Carthy © Learn anything in under 123 minutes.

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