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    There was supposed to be a dude called Lao-tzu. Although, apparently, he was not a dude – maybe many dudes. No one knows because he lived super long ago. The only texts about the shit he said are found in super old graves, which is not ideal. Luckily: it doesn’t matter. Literally: according to what Lao-tzu allegedly taught, it doesn’t matter if he existed. A Taoist should not have a biography, nor a date on which he died or was born – such things are trivial. That would never be of concern to a Taoist. Taoism does not fall under an umbrella or a definition of organized religion. Nor it should, because it’s really not a religion. It’s way simpler than any religion could possibly be. It’s so easy and simple that it may be the simplest and easiest thing ever. In fact, it’s so simple and easy that it’s extremely difficult. One could say that rocks practice Taoism better than most human beings could dream of. Mainly because it can’t be even practiced. Indeed, the concept of   effortless effort  (無爲) is one of the principles of taoísm. What a paradox, right? Makes the mind shit himself. Now take a look…