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🍷 Gik live

What is Gik Live?

Here's how The Guardian explains it:

The “world's first blue wine”, Gïk Live, is the brainchild of six young entrepreneurs with no previous experience of the wine trade, who are attempting to “shake things up” in what they call “the most traditional and close-minded industry out there”. They take a wine “base” that mixes red and white grapes, and add two organic pigments, one of which, anthocyanin, is found in grape skin. Then, hey presto: you've got an alcoholic drink that wouldn't look out of place at a student union happy hour

And after the success of the blue wine, Gik Live went on to creating a wide range of innovative wines:

Our inspiration was - appropriately enough - the book Blue Ocean Strategy. We wanted to see if we could open up new space in a highly competitive wine industry by going for differentiation and low cost simultaneously.

My role

  • Co-founder and CEO
  • I came up with the products and led the development process
  • I designed the business plan
  • I acted as spokesperson for the company and led the efforts to achieve media coverage

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